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Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 38
Tempat Tinggal : Senegal
i am polite well understanding with sense of humor and an excellent listener I am passionate about many things including my friends and family traveling and baking a mean chocolate to be a conversatio...
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 33
Tempat Tinggal : Inggris Raya
Hi, こんにちは, 만나서 반가워요, 你好, My name is Jo and I live in the UK. I enjoy reading, going to the gym, making sushi, video games, such as Tekken, Fallout, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy and Dynasty Warriors. I m ...
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 31
Tempat Tinggal : Turki
hi i want to foreign friends. dont wrrite if u pervert. i want to learn korean japanese and english we can be friends have u g...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 26
Tempat Tinggal : Finlandia
I am friendly and cheerful person. feel free to contact. me. i like to learn different cultures from around the world. my hobbies are cooking, music, excercise, gardening and travellin...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 49
Tempat Tinggal : Korea Selatan
I d like to make friendsIf you want, I can teach you Korean. Also, I can exchange mail with you in English no matter where you re from, what you do, what your gender is or how old u r. I like travelli...
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 13
Tempat Tinggal : Polandia
HeyI need somebody so I m a normal Polish girl who just wants to meet interesting people here. I love sports, drawing, reading books and watching movies. I can teach you Polish and help you with your ...
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 32
Tempat Tinggal : Polandia
HiMy name is AgnieszkaI m come from PolandI d like to learn japanese and koreanBesides I want to find friends who can talk with meI m interesting of Asian culture especially South Korea and JapanI wan...
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