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Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 26
Tempat Tinggal : Jepang
안녕하세요제가 한국 몇번 다녀왔는데요. 여행할때마다 언어가 아직 많이 부족하다고 생각해서 여기 회원에 되었습니다공부는 취미로 하고있어서 시간이 있을때만 합니다 ; 좋은 교류를...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 47
Tempat Tinggal : Senegal
I m interested from making friends all over the world. My name is Ben a man with so much understanding and i love who also appreciates understanding. I believe in co operate exsistence in my friendshi...
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 28
Tempat Tinggal : Lainnya
Hola I hope u r all doing fine. First of all thank u for visiting my penpal page. I m very excited to being here for cultural exchangeing. Likewise i can say that this site s making habit over time. H...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 22
Tempat Tinggal : Korea Selatan
こんにちは 日本の音楽, アニメ, 風景, 文化が好きな韓国人です Back numberが大好きです日本語はまだ読んで書くことは分からないですㅠㅜ ある程度はわかって話せるくらいですㅎ 日本...
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 21
Tempat Tinggal : Belanda
Hi there, my name is Manon and I live in the Netherlands. A few years ago I had a penpal from Greece, but time came and we both stopped writing. I kind of missed having a penpal, that s why I m here t...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 22
Tempat Tinggal : Korea Selatan
hello everyone I m 22 and koreanI m interested in other countries. I like singing, doing exercises, listening to songs, playing games, and playing guitar. also Traveling other countries tooand I want ...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 31
Tempat Tinggal : Korea Selatan
HI nice to meet u はじめまして 日本の色んなことに興味がある韓国人です 旅行 食べ物 映画 音楽 アニメなど好きです 時 日本へ旅行も行ってます もし良かったら友達になりませんか 気軽...
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