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Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 18
Tempat Tinggal : Jepang
Hi, I m Kenta and will become a university student this month April .Please say Congratulations.Just kidding; My hobbies and Interests are cats, books, space, music especially classical music and Eur...
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 33
Tempat Tinggal : Jepang
안녕하세요. 한국어를 공부하고 있습니다. こんにちは 韓国語をお勉強していますよく韓国に行くので お友達が出来たら嬉しいです 韓国に住んでいた事もあります HiI am japanese who is studyi...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 24
Tempat Tinggal : Amerika Serikat
Hi, I m from America and I m really interested in Japan and Korea. I m also studying both languages, but I m only a beginner. In exchange, I can help you with English. I hope to make good friends who ...
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 19
Tempat Tinggal : Korea Selatan
Hi I’m Korean university student. I’m interested in different cultures all around the world, and learning other languages. Hope you can be my snail mail friendsI have talk and but I prefer snail mail....
Jenis Kelamin : Perempuan
Usia : 15
Tempat Tinggal : Estonia
HeyHere to find friends. I m Marta from Estonia and I m 15 years old. Im interested in music, reading, photography and gaming. I work, study, cook and Sing most of the time. I am learning Russian in s...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 25
Tempat Tinggal : Korea Selatan
Hello there. I m majoring English Literature in university. Interested in illustration, concept art. Probably we don t know each other now, yet people are almost same as us. There can be little obstac...
Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
Usia : 46
Tempat Tinggal : Korea Selatan
일본 여행을 가끔 가다 작년부터 일본어를 독학으로 배우고 있어요. jlpt3, jlpt2 시험을 봤고, 7월에 jlpt n1을 보려고 공부하는 중이에요. 일본어를 잘하는 그날 까지 일본어 공부하고 싶어서,...
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