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SHINee (샤이니)-'Everybody' Dance Practice ver.
20,Nov 2013 02:39 AM
18,Apr 2017 12:12 AM
Who watched dance practice of 'Everybody'?

i watched and i falled in love again and again.

They're my stars!
i'm turkish shawol!
What about you?
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Total comment(s) :22
I love them so muchhhhh ㅠ ㅠ
샤이니 !
upkyuhyu | 18,Apr 2017
mymelo17 | 07,Aug 2015
jkmt_on | 25,May 2015
yeonhyun | 16,May 2015
?? 영상 있는건가요?
shalin | 16,May 2015
pakmi | 15,May 2015
I'm SHINee world Japan!
kaho0823 | 09,Dec 2014
wow im korean sw!!
yammi100 | 04,Dec 2014
i can dancing this!!!!!!!
leaf1664 | 03,Dec 2014
I looooooove Teamin!!!
jyunnpei | 21,Sep 2014
Hello I’m korean and I like SHINee, too.

Have you heard the SHINee’s song, `fire’?
I recommend you to listen this song. The melody and voice are perfect!
eonblue | 21,Sep 2014
i like that somg too!!
leaf1664 | 03,Dec 2014
I love shinee too! I like them~ Everybody shinee♡
cjsgml32 | 03,Sep 2014
I'm shawol-Japan(*^^*)
Especially likes onew♡♡
Nozomi98 | 23,Dec 2013
I loved it! Minho is so perfect
gokceee | 22,Dec 2013

They're my star !!

So cool !

Shinee world japan
kanakosm | 20,Dec 2013
I like this song!!

xoxo_n | 24,Nov 2013
senalmh | 24,Nov 2013
I think you should come to Turkey..very sad =(( nıce video fıghting
f-manaz | 24,Nov 2013
kkk me?
i'm already in Turkey. ^^
Also i live in Mersin. ^^
i got you're turkish that you use 'ı'
senalmh | 24,Nov 2013
샤이니 좋아요 ㅠㅠ
qwed13 | 23,Nov 2013
I love this video♡
suj99109 | 22,Nov 2013
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